Saturday, March 28, 2009

List of Things Tony.

Pepita needs full sun.
The knomes need refrigeration.
Mr. T and Chuck Norris will impregnate me before I finish writing this sentence.
Robots make great bags.
Sci Fi Fantasy books are for geeks.
Sweet Tea, cheddar grits and corn dog virgins are only from Phillie.
Virginia Gentlemen whiskey.
Rock Band interruption, means p.s. your neighbors suck.
Rip sticks.
Keys are better locked in your car, rather than in your pocket.
Pop it like, pop a lock!
Burger loves Richmond.
Zales makes wedding rings for two.
Slappin da bass.
Vampire kids are creepy...but not as creepy as the Sweeds.

Happy Birthday
your girlfriend.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

The bear is hot.

Master Sensei.

It's ok, you can say he's awesome.


Because I haven't written in quite sometime I thought I'd update everyone (those few that read this blog) about my most recent adventures. Tony and I actually took a mini vacation to Hot Springs, VA and stayed The Homestead. We went snowboarding! My first time ever! I probably would have sucked much more if Tony hadn't been there and hadn't been such a good teacher. Don't get me wrong, I fell plenty of times, but at least I had someone to spot me. Despite the hotel being a little pricey the accommodations were fabulous!. I loved the experience.