Saturday, August 21, 2010

Stumble Upon.

These are hilarious, I stumbled upon them today.  Holy crap.  

Hypnosis to erase you.


If, I keep telling myself that it wasn't real, then it wasn't.  It was only make believe.  Something like a dream, I recall you being in.  I've erased you from my mind, but it seems that I've forgotten to erase you from my heart.  Now to hypnosis.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

so following the latest trend of hair i guess, i've decided to do a little "something, something," to mine.  hopefully it works out but i suppose we'll find out?  here's the look I'm looking for. 

if i fuck it up i'll only have myself to blame but it is meant to be a subtle highlight look.  nervousness now. 

Monday, August 16, 2010

And the seasons they go round and round...

(These photos were taken while we sat in traffic on our way back from Virginia Beach)

Somehow I've managed to spend an entire week celebrating my twenty-seventh birthday. Regretably I wasn't very happy, even though I know my family and very close friends have made it especially fantastic this year.

I have to constantly remind myself to stop and remember what I'm grateful for, and for the first time I feel free of darkness. Change is inevitable. We get older, we get wrinkles and we cry sometimes when we just don't know why, we change and hope to evolve into something better than what we were.

All of this is merely an attempt to feel better of course. I honestly feel better already, just by typing these words on my new computer that Frank and Mom got me. They have given me a gift that is beyond my appreciation. I can think and the words freely flow from my fingers as quickly as I ponder them. And now I can enjoy movies and seasons of shows I've always wanted to see from one of the many gifts Trey and Venessa gave me. Of course I can also rely on Tony to humor me with his funny gifts. Laughing and humor are as essential to me as breathing.

So to everyone, I love you and thanks for celebrating another year of change.