Wednesday, September 29, 2010

mark ronson # 2

had share the love with brandon who told me that he watches this video on the regular!!! i'm so in love!

mark ronson.

Its raining today, and though I know Richmond has really missed the rain, i find it hard to perk up when it's pouring outside. Oh well. Some interesting and new developments are in the works for me here... a lot having to do with music. Funny enough, I strayed so far away from music on purpose, just to find myself wondering why I let it go in the first place? I've fallen in love with music again. Nothing like sitting drinking hot tea with the sounds of "Naima" in your ears. ----> to those who read this blog google the name and you'll find the most beautiful song in the world.

here's one man i'm totally in love with right now. Mark Ronson.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

first chapter.

Felix had become another man. He was never a man to be respected or tormented, merely a ghost walking the hallways of the hospital never contented with the decisions he made for his life or his occupation. Stronger days would lie ahead for him, today was the day that everything would change. From today and then on, he saw her in his mind with such clarity, crying and pleading with him to relieve her suffering. That was the last moment he saw her. He had wished this last memory had been under other circumstances. Like his patients confined to their hospital beds he felt trapped.
Rounds had started as they always should, tending to the routine procedures. He began on one side of the hospital only to get to the other side and back, never feeling any sort of accomplishment. He knew that he could never go home again, everything was different. Each day was never to be spent with her again. All of his empty life laid before him never to return to the warmth and comfort he'd felt laying in her arms. This was to be his purgatory.
From the first morning here, humor was ignored in passing, for according to Felix there was never anything humorous about being a physician. Felix hadn't always been without humor, he was rarely a serious man, but to those whom he worked with, knew him as the opposite. Each day spent here he lost his luster and youth. He loved no one, and that made him old.

(i'm not too sure what kind of book this is gonna be but it isn't too hard to tell who my inspiration was? to be truthful i have hopes for my character Felix, maybe a sci fi novel in the works, but who knows? felix will write his own book I'll just follow what he tells me to write.)

Photo fun in my apartment. I feel kind of like a dork posting these but i really love them. they look like vintage photos. okay bye. have a good weekend.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

que aqui no hay remedio de lo que siento yo

I saw a documentary on Tejano music at Venessa and Trey's house and it has inspired me to write about it particularly Los Lobos I love that band with lyrics like:

No se como decirte
No se como explicarte
Que aqui no hay remedio
De lo que siento yo
De lo que siento yo

La luna me dice una cosa
Las estrellas me dicen otra
Y la luz del dia me canta
Esta triste cancion
Esta triste cancion

Los besos que me diste mi amor
Son los que me estan matando
Ya las lagrimas me estan secando
Con mi pistola y mi corazon
Y aqui siempre paso la vida con
La pistola y el corazon

No se como amarte
No se como abrasarte
Porque no se me deja
Dolor que tengo yo
El dolor que tengo yo

Esta noche tan oscura con sus
Sombras tan tranquilos
Y el viento me sige cantando
Este humilde cancion
Este humilde cancion

Monday, September 6, 2010

my favorite books.

so, sometimes this is slightly unusual but i've decided to make two posts today, in midst of all the boredom i feel.  but i've been inspired to make this post because of a blog i read today by joanna goddard.  she recently had a baby, and requested that some of her readers provide her with some goodnight baby book favorites.  my favorite books growing up were the "my goodnight" books and the "christmas tree" books.  because my mother recently got married, during the process of moving, we uncovered the books while packing.  my sister has them in safe keeping.  thank goodness.  but here's what they look like.  I still love them. 

labor day.

currently at Ellwood's Coffee and observing acts of kindness and generosity, there is a young man across from me quietly reading his bible (insert giggle here) but he has a genuine face.  a moment ago he sweetly offered aid to a woman struggling to enter the shop with her newborn son and stroller.  without question or hesitation he swiftly rose up only to hold the door for her and let her in.  i know after this that a beautiful day lies ahead. 
right now paul mcartney is playing on the overhead radio, with lyrics that inspire the morning like
"I read the news today, oh boy . . .
About a lucky man who made the grade;
And though the news was rather sad,
Well, I just had to laugh—
I saw the photograph . . .

He blew his mind out in a car;
He didn't notice that the lights had changed.
A crowd of people stood and stared;
They'd seen his face before..."

I'd be contented to just stay here amongst the crowd of rude people choosing which type of coffee to drink, but knowingly choose to return to the mundane tasks of my daily life.  i feel poorer today than usual and its seems as though i've spent my last four dollars on my iced coffee and gluten free toast.

so here's to a great day!