Saturday, August 27, 2011


(Check out these photos out on the Stephen K. Schuster website and blog. They are gorgeous.) 

With the current precipitation, and tempestuous winds outside, the weather channel has assured me that there is a hurricane a brewing. Indeed, the pandemonium has come to a wonderful end here in RVA. Can you believe I couldn't even pump gas in my car yesterday? No matter? I've got sweet, sweet company and delicious food to munch on. Hopefully our gluten-free General Tso's chicken turns out to be delicious tonight. 

What are you lovelies feasting on this blustery day? Who are you snuggling with? Don't you think hurricane weather is the perfect time to snuggle with someone you love?

Other than cooking and snuggling, I'm currently listening to this fantastic playlist on 8 Tracks. Hope you enjoy your Snuggle-cane Irene! Gracias! 

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Fall weather brings sweet boots.

Don't worry about me, I've just been relishing on the beautiful fall trends! So much to see, so little time. Don't you just love fall? It's my favorite season!

I couldn't resist these lovely ladies and their gorgeous ensembles. Aren't they totally fetch? I went bananas on the Curator and ASOS websites. Check that s*#&t out right now.


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Never underestimate the taste of a man. Isn't this the most romantic and gorgeous vintage necklace? I meant to post the photos much earlier, but just haven't had the time. For my 28th birthday, the fella bought me this vintage 30s necklace from none other than Halcyon. 

After the Yonana I didn't think that I was gonna get anything else? I should have known better.... he's such a great gift giver.

I'm such lucky girl because not only was the necklace a gift but he also got me tickets to my FAVORITE band St. Vincent!!!!  Now I just have to find the perfect dress for the necklace. (Gotta go to a wedding soon and I wanna debut the necklace!)  


Sunday, August 21, 2011

The September Issue.

Just look at how stunning Demi Lovato is in the Elle September issue. At first I thought, "Oh finally Elle's using real women in their photo shoots." I was happily surprised that it was her, seemingly unrecognizable.

Well, it isn't quite September but that hasn't stopped me from celebrating my annual September Issue Barnes & Noble party! In fact, there were only two things I wanted to desperately do this weekend;
1.) Walk along the Rivanna Trail and 2.) Look at the September issues!

Thankfully both were accomplished. Sadly, I didn't get to finish all of my magazines but that's why another trip is in store for this week. There's nothing more relaxing than sipping on hot tea, and looking at beautiful photos, reading up on latest trends and reveling in another glorious weekend. Gracias.

P.S. By the way, The Fella and I went to Vinegar Hill Theater this weekend and caught Beginners. It was such a beautiful movie, filled with laughter, love and sadness. I recommend that all you lovelies check it out. Here's the trailer couldn't resist posting it! Gracias otra vez. 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

C-ville Part 2.

Here we are: Monticello. Isn't it absolutely beautiful? Did you know that if you reside in Charlottesville you're allowed guests (at least one per person) free of charge? So, I posed as a resident of Charlottesville with the fella (an actual resident) and Mike and Erin were allowed free admittance. I'm always in love with a cheap deal.

Despite the scolding hot weather that day, the evening turned out to be pretty amazing. Following the visit to Monticello, we made our way to the Veritas Vineyard in Afton, VA to sample some fancy wines then shortly after, we visited a brewery called Devil's Backbone .

Like I said not too shabby. Gracias.