Saturday, July 30, 2011


After spending the past couple of weekends here in Charlottesville, I've really become accustom to the gorgeous scenery, motor cycle rides on Skyline Drive, hiking, running in the mountains and enjoying the company of a man I've grown quite fond of.

I have the very great advantage of discovering a new city without moving from my sweet and beautiful RVA. As I wrote previously, we've enjoyed the company of friends from distant places (Mike and Erin from Philadelphia, PA.) and discovered the many vineyards, restaurants and historical landmarks, that a Virginian would most certainly pass up without looking twice.

Being a tourist hasn't been too shabby, I'd say. (even if Monticello is in your backyard) So here I am in the photos being harassed by the man to stop squinting at the camera. (as if I could, with the sun shining?) The photos were taken by of course the fella and I up on Skyline Drive the very first weekend here. (July 4th)

I'll post more of the vineyards, restaurants and Monticello. Stay tuned, but for now Gracias a la vida.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Tried to be all fancy and sh*#t this weekend. Enjoying the stifling hot weather and enjoying a little vino in the process. 

That's the good thing about Charlottesville, VA so many good wineries. These pictures were taken at the Veritas Winery which is actually located in Afton, VA. 

Having Mike and Erin visit from Philadelphia, PA was such a treat! This is just a teaser blog entry... the rest of the photos and stories are yet to come. So stay posted! Gracias, y'all! 

Friday, July 15, 2011

Style Icon.

It's as if God sent me an angel. Her name is Dylana Suarez. I found her blog Color Me Nana today and I just fell in love. Not only is she an Asian-Hispanic woman but I feel like her fashion sense is the epitome of feminine tough-girl chic. I think I just found me my new style icon, total platonic girl crush going on over here!

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Curve Appeal.

Because I've been recently looking for the perfect bathing suit, I've really tried to focus on all of my positive curves rather than my negative curves. But no matter how much ab work (so far) I do, the ponch just doesn't want to go away.

But today I was reading or rather looking at my buddy Brandon's blog This is Love, and I couldn't help but just look at my curves and except them as what the ought to be, a hell of an asset!

I was especially taken by a link to another blog entitled Curve Appeal. One of the posts focused on America Ferrera. I loved these pictures and I can't help but love her.

I don't know seeing her pictures somehow makes me feel better about my ponch. Weird huh?

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sweet, sweet ends. Make new beginnings...

Okay, so I know I've been missing in action. Rightfully so too. June was a crazy month. Every weekend was coming and going, here and there...everywhere. July just so happens to be the beginning of the crazies coming to a sweet, sweet end.

Speaking of the sweet, sweet ends the time has come my lovelies, to reveal another heart breaking bump in the road. My fella has officially moved away. We're still together and so far so good. I'll keep y'all up to date on all of the upcoming news. Though he is only 40 minutes away, I will say it's kinda nice visiting him in the beautiful mountains (sort of?) of Charlottesville.

This will be a short week for me and thankfully, I'll be making my way back to Virginia Beach for a short 4 day weekend by the pool, only to be rejoined with the fella on Friday evening.

But back to the blogging business! I've posted various photos of accessories because I've been going through an accessories kick, once I found out that I'll be having to wear scrubs EVERY DAY of the week. Yuck!

Most people say they envy the fact that I can essentially wear pajamas everyday but in fact if you don't know this about me already, I hate wearing them. They make me feel gross. So, what happens when one gets bummed out about their situations? They make a change!

I've decided that (much like in Catholic school) my uniforms needed a touch of individualism! So, here in come the accessories. Thanks to Jeana Sohn's Closet Visit!  I've found the inspiration that I've been needing. Enjoy y Gracias!

Sunday, July 3, 2011


It's really not much of a secret, I am so in love with Seth Rogen. This looks amazing and I can't wait. Gracias.