Sunday, March 28, 2010

Strut your Stuff!

Well this weekend Venessa and I decided to attend the VCU's annual Strut Fashion Show! It was so fun! I especially wanted to go because one of my co-workers was one of the few designers chosen to feature her designs! It was so good! I loved it! I especially loved the fact that I got to dress up and go out with my sister!

oh and because we were starving we totally picked up a fancy disgusting meal at McDowell's restaurant @ 8507 Queens Blvd., ha ha.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Style Pill.

I've totally found the woman I WOULD marry, if I were a lesbian. Her name is Christine Cameron! Oh my! She is lovely and I'm completely infatuated with her and her blog. Okay, so maybe I'm really just in love with her clothes, but as I was getting ready for tonight's runway show I felt so inspired by her attire that I simply couldn't help myself and decided that I must profess my love for her!

Since Roman didn't feel like going to the show with me, Venessa decided to go with me instead! I was happy that she wanted to go, and even more happy when she told me that she was having a great time. I'll have to remind Roman that next year he should try out to be a model in the show. He is handsome enough for it! Oh I also wore red lipstick tonight! I thought it looked fantastic! I'll attach some pictures of the show in some days to come. But ta ta for now!

oh and ps congratulations to Helen for running in the monument 10k. But I also wanted to say how much i hate that race b/c I can't get anywhere in the fucking city!

Friday, March 26, 2010

oh happy day.

Good evening lovelies. This morning I drove to work with a rainbow in front of me! No really, a real rainbow was following me all the way to work! How lucky am I! I've had a lovely dismal day but, things seem to be looking up. I've posted some pictures of people I love and things that make me happy.

What makes you happy? Rainbows certainly.

stop motion lOvE! muah!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Cat # 2

Maneki Neko key chain that Tony gave me! I know now that it means good luck and fortune. cute as a kitten! oh my...

Monday, March 22, 2010

hairstyles, love.


rain falling down
i can hear it well.
cuz the roof is caving in and leaking on the bathroom floor.
there are times when being here makes me weak
like the time you covered my ears to mute the noise of the train that goes by.
time is dying inside;
and outside time is holding on and staying up all night
the dogwoods are blooming
the petals fly away on a windy day
richmond always loves me that way.
i can't hear anymore
or maybe i never could?
in a dream you wished me to come home soon.
i was there and you were there
the kids in the other room
playing the way they do.
you remind me of winter and snow.
when i close my eyes
i fight, and scream to let you know i am what you want me to be.
i'll let my hair grow old
waiting for you to call
always here
you're always there.
i will braid my long gray hair
you can hide here
i'll keep you warm like you've always done for me
I wish, and wish i could stay here for days
and if i learn how to awaken
i'll sleep hoping to survive the loss of you.
winter is over
the sun always does that.
makes me sigh and yawn.
with clouds overhead
i know you'll tire of me
nothing ever came before you.
i miss you everyday.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Oh Maymont how I've missed you. Though we only had a moment together I will remember it always! The sun, the book, my bare feet... oh how I love that I now own a car and I can find my special spot to sit quietly and read my book. After work it was too lovely to pass up!

I'm a little stressed out at the moment. I'm almost done with the current series of books I am reading. Currently reading the fourth book of a great witch series by L.J. Smith. <3 <3 <3 It's funny that I've only really read a couple of books this year and all of a sudden just in one week I've already almost finished four books! I'm tired and can't wait until I can finally move into my new apartment. I'm looking for a home, but soon... I can feel it.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

spanish tortilla of roasted red peppers and asparaghaus

to whom it may concern:
hello. how are all of you in the blogsphere? i'm currently hanging out with my sister Venessa and we enjoyed a beautifully delicious brunch at Kuba Kuba.

I've definitely come to the realization that once someone breaks up with me, i become creative again. Which doesn't make any sense because being creative is one of the very things that i think people like about me. I've been reviewing (in my head of course) what I do when I'm not in a relationship with someone, and found that I READ much more and tend to enjoy the love of being creative with things like cooking, sewing, decorating and enjoying more of an active lifestyle. Why? Why do i stop doing the things that I enjoy? Is it because I love the person that I'm with and begin to love myself less because of it? Or do i begin to be less creative because i'm no longer bored with just being by myself? I don't want an answer I just want to ask these questions and send them out into the world around me.

I went to Barnes and Noble and wanted to buy a million books today! That hasn't happened in so long. I've started a new series of books and hopefully won't finish them all before the week is out.

Preparing myself for work tomorrow has been a little hard. I can't say that i'm exactly ready for the hustle and bustle of rude patients and the medical horror stories! Oh well what pays the bills is certainly not this blog...but wouldn't that be lovely.

Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun with Dick and Jane!

Hello is anybody out there?

My day so far has been well. My mom invited me to go to a meeting with her for work today. Luckily, I was completely bored and hadn't any good excuses about how I shouldn't go. I had fun though. It was a Sowers of Justice and Peace meeting. I sat quietly so as not to say much (only b/c i didn't want to tell anyone where I work). Everyone was just as lovely as they could be. Especially the sisters. (nuns) I remember attending meetings like those when I was younger and feeling like there was something that I needed to do. Stand up for someone. Work for Justice and Peace! But, as it is most of the agenda had to do more with protesting the war and introducing the new leader of the group. I realized that I am very different now then I was. I'm not as idealistic and less willing to change the world that I live in. I've learned to accept reality and go on with my life as I always have. Most of the people they are willing to help are no longer people within my grasp to assist. Lately,I find that my help lies in other people, like my patients, my family and myself. Is this wrong of me? Should I be thinking of others, that are not with in my reach? Do people think they need to help me? All of these questions, that I just don't want answered.

I'm really sad to be leaving my mom and brother. I've had such a lovely time with them. I want to go on living freely with out a care and the stress of having to work everyday and pay bills. It's nice to come home. But, what happens when your home is no longer your home? Staying here has only reminded me of how I don't feel like this is my home anymore. I've lived my short life building a home in my heart with the people I love. It's no longer a city or building. It's my family. So, now I know that wherever they are, there is a home waiting for me.

Yesterday, Jeremy and I had a date at Moe's and afterwords we rented a movie. (Jeremy's choice of course) He's hilarious and very special. I enjoy having him around, and now that I have a car I hope to be seeing him more and more.

For the past two weeks, mom and I have been on a strict caffeine and sugar cookie diet. No wonder she is so skinny, all she eats and drinks is sugar! I love her!

All in all my vacation was wonderful and I look forward to returning to my chaotic work! I've attached some pictures which I think best personify the time I've had here!
P.S. Thanks to the Panda for the words of encouragement today!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

wedding wishes.

Top of the gloomy evening to you all.
I've been sleeping all day. Right when my body has time to rest and my brain begins to think again my immune system gets shot! Besides the constant need to hack every second, today was a beautifully warm day. Thank goodness the dogs enjoyed their daybreak. I'm going to miss them when I return to work on Monday.
Did you all know that my mom is getting married? Maybe not. She is. I've been trying my best to help her look for dresses. Jcrew is absolutely beautiful for wedding dresses and bridesmaid dresses. I've posted some dresses that she is interested in I'm completely excited for her.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

starting to wrinkle.

good afternoon, nowhere people. I am a little better today. Don't you hate it when you're on vacation and then you get sick? I know I do. I currently overdosing on Emergen-C and coughing my lungs out.

It's so lovely today. I took Lucy (aka Tokyo) and Meko out today! They loved the sun and toys I bought them last night!

I'm currently inside searching for apartments on craigslist. For some reason I feel old all of a sudden. I'm tired and wanting something exciting to happen.

I did have a fun time with Jeremy last night! We went to Capurnum and enjoyed the pleasure of seeing some of his friends and classmates dancing the night away over pizza and soda.

My life is calling me to do something? Not sure what it is yet? But as the seasons change so quickly before my eyes I can't help feeling my skin starting to wrinkle.

Monday, March 8, 2010

on the road of experience

oh my lovelies I have missed you all. or whoever is out there. There have been a lot of changes since i last blogged and much of them to heartbreaking to tell. So, i figured i'd start a fresh. I love myself! I know i will be ok. This is a chance to become something that I've never really been. and as the late john denver said "on the road to experience and trying to find my own way. sometimes i wish i could just fly away and I'm looking for space to find out who i am, and i'm looking to know and understand. it's a sweet, sweet dream sometimes i'm almost there, sometimes i fly like an eagle and sometimes i'm deep in despair."
Venessa's birthday party was great. I can't believe that tomorrow she will be twenty-nine. here is a picture of me, roman and caitlin at the party.
On a side note I miss Mimosa, Tokyo and especially Meko. (my sweet babies)