Monday, March 22, 2010


rain falling down
i can hear it well.
cuz the roof is caving in and leaking on the bathroom floor.
there are times when being here makes me weak
like the time you covered my ears to mute the noise of the train that goes by.
time is dying inside;
and outside time is holding on and staying up all night
the dogwoods are blooming
the petals fly away on a windy day
richmond always loves me that way.
i can't hear anymore
or maybe i never could?
in a dream you wished me to come home soon.
i was there and you were there
the kids in the other room
playing the way they do.
you remind me of winter and snow.
when i close my eyes
i fight, and scream to let you know i am what you want me to be.
i'll let my hair grow old
waiting for you to call
always here
you're always there.
i will braid my long gray hair
you can hide here
i'll keep you warm like you've always done for me
I wish, and wish i could stay here for days
and if i learn how to awaken
i'll sleep hoping to survive the loss of you.
winter is over
the sun always does that.
makes me sigh and yawn.
with clouds overhead
i know you'll tire of me
nothing ever came before you.
i miss you everyday.

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