Monday, March 8, 2010

on the road of experience

oh my lovelies I have missed you all. or whoever is out there. There have been a lot of changes since i last blogged and much of them to heartbreaking to tell. So, i figured i'd start a fresh. I love myself! I know i will be ok. This is a chance to become something that I've never really been. and as the late john denver said "on the road to experience and trying to find my own way. sometimes i wish i could just fly away and I'm looking for space to find out who i am, and i'm looking to know and understand. it's a sweet, sweet dream sometimes i'm almost there, sometimes i fly like an eagle and sometimes i'm deep in despair."
Venessa's birthday party was great. I can't believe that tomorrow she will be twenty-nine. here is a picture of me, roman and caitlin at the party.
On a side note I miss Mimosa, Tokyo and especially Meko. (my sweet babies)

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