Saturday, November 21, 2009


Since it's getting colder I'm starting to really miss purple Api. [Bolivian hot (as in temperature) purple corn drink] Geez! Even if I had it right now I wouldn't even know how to make it. It definitely takes some getting use to but once you love it you, LOVE IT! dios mio.

New Moon Turkey a la Werewolf.

Agenda for today: Thanksgiving feast for Tony and I. (with all the fixings mashed potatoes, turkey, chocolate fudge pie) NEW MOON date with Karen!!! Yes! Possible shopping date with Everett, Tony and Karen.

Full day of fun, fun, fun. Obviously I can't sleep b/c it's six o'clock in da morning! My brain is speaking in Spanish and doing math problems. Oh I also have to make time to go to the dog park with Meko Forgey today. I love my life right now and I'm so excited to hang with Karen!