Saturday, July 28, 2012


My husband and I recently made a trip up north to Philadelphia, PA. While there, of course we had the pleasure of meeting up with friends, eating a ton, and naturally making the rounds and seeing the sights to be sought.

One such sight we attended, was hosted by the University of Pennsylvania's Institute of Contemporary Art; Graphic artist Stephen Sagmeister's The Happy Show exhibit. I have to say that by far this exhibition was one of the most impressive I've seen in a long time. Perhaps it was the subject matter or just the lovely company but I honestly loved the "Exploration of Happiness." See it. It might make you happy, well maybe just artificially?

(Some of the highlighted places and restaurants we visited on our trip were as followed: Rustico in Arlington, VA., Valanni's  Philadelphia, PA., Bar Ferdinand  Philadelphia, PA., Stephen Sagmeister's The Happy Show Philadelphia, PA.)

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