Wednesday, April 25, 2012

The important things.

"There are places I remember... of lovers and friends I still can recall, some are dead and some are living, in my life I've loved them all." Or so the song says.

Today, I read an email about a man I knew who had passed away. The article made me laugh, choke up and appreciate someone, who left an impression on everyone he knew, whether it was good or bad.

This was the part of the article that made me laugh:

He often created a sea of discontent, however, for the way he preached his messages: He salted the Good Word with "damn," "hell" and "bitch." Time magazine wrote about his once admonishing his parishioners for being "spiritual white trash who merely drop by church to fill up at God's gas pump."

And, this was a comment written shortly after the article was published that moved me:

My wife and I were married by Father Quinlan back in 1974. Yes, he was controversial, but he spoke candidly about his Christian faith, and although he was Catholic, stated that he was Christian first, Catholic second. As an Episcopalian, that spoke volumes, more than I can say for many Theologians today. I can also say that he spoke for the youth of the day, as many of my young Catholic friends admired him despite their rejection of the church as a whole. Rest In Peace, my friend.

Christian first, Catholic second. What a beautiful thing to say. There really isn't much of a mystery why Jesus and Buddha had it going on. They were caring, generous and compassionate men. 

I think merely as human beings we constantly forget that the important things in life, lie in the simplest of places. Sometimes these places lie in the memories of all whom you've touched. 

I respect all who are honest, vulgar and ready at a moment's notice to have a good time. So, raise a glass to a man who like Jesus and Buddha (in my opinion) had it going on. RIP T.Q. Gracais. 

BTW I never mentioned that this man was a priest, and a damn good one at that.

Thursday, April 19, 2012


So here's the shit: This show is the in fact one of the most hilarious and irritating shows, quite possibly of the decade. Not only does this show portray the very essence of the typical middle-class socialist brat, from a suburban family who, in Oingo Boingo's words, "Never really had to work," but also encompasses every single mid-to late twenty year old of the hipster community.

Welcome to RVA suckas.

I love that in today's society we encourage our children to reach for the sky, do what they love, live the life their parent's never had, but at what cost? Well, let's see for starters: The cost of college, accommodations, living expenses and don't forget the inevitable cost of well, a social life. Though for myself I could never really say that this was the life I led, nor is it the life I'd like for my own children, but when does the cord have to be cut?

During the premiere episode the title character Hannah (played by Lena Dunham) gets a rude awakening when her parent's decide to cut her off, financially speaking. This of course comes as a devastating blow to the now twenty-four year old New York aspiring writer. Much to my great surprise (insert sarcasm here) she not only has to now find a job but, also has to bask in the humility that everyone around her is not living that same fate.

Yes, it shouldn't come as a shocker but I know at least ten of the these very such girls. Funny enough when I asked them if they enjoyed the first episode they simply rolled their eyes, said it was ok and explained to me why they'll never watch it again. In true psuedo-white hipster girl form.

Perhaps its a bit of jealousy in me that I didn't have that same financial support. But wouldn't it just be so nice to study what you want, live the life you love, decide to DO NOTHING all the while you're on someone else's expenses.

I can't say this for sure but moms and dads, do your thang, just know when to say no, so that you're girls don't turn out to be selfish little wenches, complaining about how proud you should be that they're not drug addicts or start referring to themselves as the voice of our generation.

I turned this to an inadvertent rant but all the same this show is hilarious. So if you're mad that Lena Dunham and Judd Apatow are calling you and all of your hipster friends out, for God's sake shut up and start complaining about something else. Gracias.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Good Luck Rub.

After speaking with my sister Venessa yesterday, she told me the most hilarious story about her recent interactions with perfect strangers and their obsession with rubbing her belly. I wondered at what point in this world when it became ok to walk up to a stranger, touch their stomach and ask them to grant you good luck? Where the hell did this come from and how can it stop?

If you haven't guessed by now she's fo shiz up the spat. (aka pregnant) What an exciting time for her and Trey! I suppose it's an exciting time for everybody! Especially me. This will be my FIRST niece or nephew. I'm pretty confident they'll both be great parents.

But now for purely selfish reasons, I get to totally shop for her and her rubby belly! These photos are from the maternity line HATCH , I recently found it on Joanna Goddard's lifestyle blog A Cup of JO.
Aren't they gorgeous? They aren't as affordable as I'd like them to be but, no matter hunting throughout thrift stores has been a bit of a treat. I haven't yet to find anything buy-able or cute enough for that matter, but that doesn't mean it hasn't been fun.

Can't wait to meet him or her!

Gracias a las Tias!  

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Brunch.

This year has been to say the least a little unconventional. In fact, I cannot even recall a time when I haven't spent Easter weekend with my family. But because my husband is on call, we unfortunately could not make our way to Virginia Beach, where most of parents reside. Though I had the option of heading towards home instead of spending time with Tony, I'll admit that I chose taking it easy in Charlottesville, rather than driving the three hours to and from Virginia Beach. Commuting is taking a toll on me!

All has been well though. Saturday night, I watched the Ten Commandments in true traditional Easter form! I love that movie. I haven't an Easter basket (and yes, it isn't absurd that my mom still makes me... a 28 year old woman an Easter basket) but no matter. The Easter bunny made his face known in the form of an Easter brunch Tony planned.

Reservations were made at The Ivy Inn. The appetizing starters, entrees and mouthwatering desserts were absolutely the beginning of what's become a beautiful day. I hope one day to return again! Happy Easter to all! Gracias!

Having a coke with you.

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Call us a little silly, but these are some of our wedding photos via: US. Yes, it's true! Though I had originally wanted a professional photographer in the end, and also because of the quasi-elopement, we decided to let it go and just have our family and very close friends be our photographers. Sadly, even though you own a fantastic camera, the photos that were taken by guests (other than us) were a little sub-par. That's ok! I think we have the thought (after a little winter weight off) to doll up again and have someone totally pro-fesh, shoot us fo reals! In case you're wondering what's with the goofy lodge sweater photos? And you' be right to question... those were taken by my husband. Quite the talented man, photographing and being photographed.

Besides the hilarious (but endearing) photos, the wedding, went off as a hit! Well at least initially. We held the wedding at the Homestead Resort in Hotsprings, VA. Though I've been there before the gorgeousness of the historical hotel never ceases to amaze me. And just to our luck we truly got to experience winter in style with the help of a wonderful snow storm on our wedding day! The only thing I could think of was: I've been waiting for winter all year and it finally shows up on our wedding day. It was utterly breathtaking and special. We decided in the end to take advantage of the snow and got married outside. (much to the discomfort of my little toes) Burrrrrrr.....

All in all here was the line up of events: 5 Star breakfast buffet, preview fashion show (hair and makeup), photos, more photos, wedding (btw I totally put the ring on the wrong hand, much to humor of everybody there) crying a little, laughing a lot, kiss, photos and photos and photos, dinner, dance, down time, nap time, party in the lobby, THE END.

Gracias a la vida!