Sunday, April 8, 2012

Easter Brunch.

This year has been to say the least a little unconventional. In fact, I cannot even recall a time when I haven't spent Easter weekend with my family. But because my husband is on call, we unfortunately could not make our way to Virginia Beach, where most of parents reside. Though I had the option of heading towards home instead of spending time with Tony, I'll admit that I chose taking it easy in Charlottesville, rather than driving the three hours to and from Virginia Beach. Commuting is taking a toll on me!

All has been well though. Saturday night, I watched the Ten Commandments in true traditional Easter form! I love that movie. I haven't an Easter basket (and yes, it isn't absurd that my mom still makes me... a 28 year old woman an Easter basket) but no matter. The Easter bunny made his face known in the form of an Easter brunch Tony planned.

Reservations were made at The Ivy Inn. The appetizing starters, entrees and mouthwatering desserts were absolutely the beginning of what's become a beautiful day. I hope one day to return again! Happy Easter to all! Gracias!

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