Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Call us a little silly, but these are some of our wedding photos via: US. Yes, it's true! Though I had originally wanted a professional photographer in the end, and also because of the quasi-elopement, we decided to let it go and just have our family and very close friends be our photographers. Sadly, even though you own a fantastic camera, the photos that were taken by guests (other than us) were a little sub-par. That's ok! I think we have the thought (after a little winter weight off) to doll up again and have someone totally pro-fesh, shoot us fo reals! In case you're wondering what's with the goofy lodge sweater photos? And you' be right to question... those were taken by my husband. Quite the talented man, photographing and being photographed.

Besides the hilarious (but endearing) photos, the wedding, went off as a hit! Well at least initially. We held the wedding at the Homestead Resort in Hotsprings, VA. Though I've been there before the gorgeousness of the historical hotel never ceases to amaze me. And just to our luck we truly got to experience winter in style with the help of a wonderful snow storm on our wedding day! The only thing I could think of was: I've been waiting for winter all year and it finally shows up on our wedding day. It was utterly breathtaking and special. We decided in the end to take advantage of the snow and got married outside. (much to the discomfort of my little toes) Burrrrrrr.....

All in all here was the line up of events: 5 Star breakfast buffet, preview fashion show (hair and makeup), photos, more photos, wedding (btw I totally put the ring on the wrong hand, much to humor of everybody there) crying a little, laughing a lot, kiss, photos and photos and photos, dinner, dance, down time, nap time, party in the lobby, THE END.

Gracias a la vida! 

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