Tuesday, March 9, 2010

starting to wrinkle.

good afternoon, nowhere people. I am a little better today. Don't you hate it when you're on vacation and then you get sick? I know I do. I currently overdosing on Emergen-C and coughing my lungs out.

It's so lovely today. I took Lucy (aka Tokyo) and Meko out today! They loved the sun and toys I bought them last night!

I'm currently inside searching for apartments on craigslist. For some reason I feel old all of a sudden. I'm tired and wanting something exciting to happen.

I did have a fun time with Jeremy last night! We went to Capurnum and enjoyed the pleasure of seeing some of his friends and classmates dancing the night away over pizza and soda.

My life is calling me to do something? Not sure what it is yet? But as the seasons change so quickly before my eyes I can't help feeling my skin starting to wrinkle.

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