Sunday, March 14, 2010

spanish tortilla of roasted red peppers and asparaghaus

to whom it may concern:
hello. how are all of you in the blogsphere? i'm currently hanging out with my sister Venessa and we enjoyed a beautifully delicious brunch at Kuba Kuba.

I've definitely come to the realization that once someone breaks up with me, i become creative again. Which doesn't make any sense because being creative is one of the very things that i think people like about me. I've been reviewing (in my head of course) what I do when I'm not in a relationship with someone, and found that I READ much more and tend to enjoy the love of being creative with things like cooking, sewing, decorating and enjoying more of an active lifestyle. Why? Why do i stop doing the things that I enjoy? Is it because I love the person that I'm with and begin to love myself less because of it? Or do i begin to be less creative because i'm no longer bored with just being by myself? I don't want an answer I just want to ask these questions and send them out into the world around me.

I went to Barnes and Noble and wanted to buy a million books today! That hasn't happened in so long. I've started a new series of books and hopefully won't finish them all before the week is out.

Preparing myself for work tomorrow has been a little hard. I can't say that i'm exactly ready for the hustle and bustle of rude patients and the medical horror stories! Oh well what pays the bills is certainly not this blog...but wouldn't that be lovely.

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