Friday, March 12, 2010

Fun with Dick and Jane!

Hello is anybody out there?

My day so far has been well. My mom invited me to go to a meeting with her for work today. Luckily, I was completely bored and hadn't any good excuses about how I shouldn't go. I had fun though. It was a Sowers of Justice and Peace meeting. I sat quietly so as not to say much (only b/c i didn't want to tell anyone where I work). Everyone was just as lovely as they could be. Especially the sisters. (nuns) I remember attending meetings like those when I was younger and feeling like there was something that I needed to do. Stand up for someone. Work for Justice and Peace! But, as it is most of the agenda had to do more with protesting the war and introducing the new leader of the group. I realized that I am very different now then I was. I'm not as idealistic and less willing to change the world that I live in. I've learned to accept reality and go on with my life as I always have. Most of the people they are willing to help are no longer people within my grasp to assist. Lately,I find that my help lies in other people, like my patients, my family and myself. Is this wrong of me? Should I be thinking of others, that are not with in my reach? Do people think they need to help me? All of these questions, that I just don't want answered.

I'm really sad to be leaving my mom and brother. I've had such a lovely time with them. I want to go on living freely with out a care and the stress of having to work everyday and pay bills. It's nice to come home. But, what happens when your home is no longer your home? Staying here has only reminded me of how I don't feel like this is my home anymore. I've lived my short life building a home in my heart with the people I love. It's no longer a city or building. It's my family. So, now I know that wherever they are, there is a home waiting for me.

Yesterday, Jeremy and I had a date at Moe's and afterwords we rented a movie. (Jeremy's choice of course) He's hilarious and very special. I enjoy having him around, and now that I have a car I hope to be seeing him more and more.

For the past two weeks, mom and I have been on a strict caffeine and sugar cookie diet. No wonder she is so skinny, all she eats and drinks is sugar! I love her!

All in all my vacation was wonderful and I look forward to returning to my chaotic work! I've attached some pictures which I think best personify the time I've had here!
P.S. Thanks to the Panda for the words of encouragement today!

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