Saturday, July 30, 2011


After spending the past couple of weekends here in Charlottesville, I've really become accustom to the gorgeous scenery, motor cycle rides on Skyline Drive, hiking, running in the mountains and enjoying the company of a man I've grown quite fond of.

I have the very great advantage of discovering a new city without moving from my sweet and beautiful RVA. As I wrote previously, we've enjoyed the company of friends from distant places (Mike and Erin from Philadelphia, PA.) and discovered the many vineyards, restaurants and historical landmarks, that a Virginian would most certainly pass up without looking twice.

Being a tourist hasn't been too shabby, I'd say. (even if Monticello is in your backyard) So here I am in the photos being harassed by the man to stop squinting at the camera. (as if I could, with the sun shining?) The photos were taken by of course the fella and I up on Skyline Drive the very first weekend here. (July 4th)

I'll post more of the vineyards, restaurants and Monticello. Stay tuned, but for now Gracias a la vida.

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