Monday, September 6, 2010

labor day.

currently at Ellwood's Coffee and observing acts of kindness and generosity, there is a young man across from me quietly reading his bible (insert giggle here) but he has a genuine face.  a moment ago he sweetly offered aid to a woman struggling to enter the shop with her newborn son and stroller.  without question or hesitation he swiftly rose up only to hold the door for her and let her in.  i know after this that a beautiful day lies ahead. 
right now paul mcartney is playing on the overhead radio, with lyrics that inspire the morning like
"I read the news today, oh boy . . .
About a lucky man who made the grade;
And though the news was rather sad,
Well, I just had to laugh—
I saw the photograph . . .

He blew his mind out in a car;
He didn't notice that the lights had changed.
A crowd of people stood and stared;
They'd seen his face before..."

I'd be contented to just stay here amongst the crowd of rude people choosing which type of coffee to drink, but knowingly choose to return to the mundane tasks of my daily life.  i feel poorer today than usual and its seems as though i've spent my last four dollars on my iced coffee and gluten free toast.

so here's to a great day! 

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