Saturday, September 25, 2010

first chapter.

Felix had become another man. He was never a man to be respected or tormented, merely a ghost walking the hallways of the hospital never contented with the decisions he made for his life or his occupation. Stronger days would lie ahead for him, today was the day that everything would change. From today and then on, he saw her in his mind with such clarity, crying and pleading with him to relieve her suffering. That was the last moment he saw her. He had wished this last memory had been under other circumstances. Like his patients confined to their hospital beds he felt trapped.
Rounds had started as they always should, tending to the routine procedures. He began on one side of the hospital only to get to the other side and back, never feeling any sort of accomplishment. He knew that he could never go home again, everything was different. Each day was never to be spent with her again. All of his empty life laid before him never to return to the warmth and comfort he'd felt laying in her arms. This was to be his purgatory.
From the first morning here, humor was ignored in passing, for according to Felix there was never anything humorous about being a physician. Felix hadn't always been without humor, he was rarely a serious man, but to those whom he worked with, knew him as the opposite. Each day spent here he lost his luster and youth. He loved no one, and that made him old.

(i'm not too sure what kind of book this is gonna be but it isn't too hard to tell who my inspiration was? to be truthful i have hopes for my character Felix, maybe a sci fi novel in the works, but who knows? felix will write his own book I'll just follow what he tells me to write.)

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