Saturday, April 4, 2009

Stress is stupid.

Recently I've learned not to compromise my mental state. Work is not suppose to be stressful for a receptionist/interpreter/medical assistant/counselor...
Ok. So, maybe because I'm not secure enough to say what I actually do in the work place, maybe I can be a little stressed about the security of my job or jobs. Alas, I can breathe a little easier with the recent news I received yesterday. I will get to keep my job, but only under the understanding that I will be very badly treated. (just kidding) But seriously, the probability of me working harder than is usual is a grand possibility. That is sort of unimaginable, considering the fact that I consider myself already to be a hard worker. In fact, those of us who are left, just so happen to posses more than three job tittles. I am grateful to be working even if it is for such little pay. Needless to say, my rant is really so inarticulately trying to say that I shouldn't be stressed out, mainly because I have nothing to be stressed out about! Well, at least not anymore.

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