Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Somewhere in Time.

Up late. Just thinking about the possibility of time travel. Doesn't help that I just finished watching a totally lame movie about a man you travels back in time just to meet the woman he's suppose to fall in love with. In case you haven't guessed it yet, the movie is Somewhere in Time. I'm really confused about the whole thing. Mostly, not the concept of time travel but the possibility that there is someone in the world not perfect, but perfect for you. This person could be in any time and any place. Would you know if you met this person? Would it seem familiar all at once? What if you met them years ago? Is this just a person you brushed up against in the grocery store? Anyone. What about everyone before and after them? What if you met them while you were with someone you really loved? Not a soul mate but something like that. I'm I babbling? Thinking too much? Are there way too many questions that I can't answer? I'm sure I'd know, I'm sure that I would have known it the moment I saw him, I would have simply said "Oh my gosh there he is." This is way too much for me to handle right now... I guess that's what I get for eating chocolate before going to bed. Dang.

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