Saturday, June 16, 2012

Pioneer Woman.

Ree Drummond "The Pioneer Woman," here I love her blog The Pioneer Woman.

I've recently had a reoccurring dream where I find myself living in the country, waking up at the butt crack of dawn and feeding a ton of animals. You name it: pigs, horses, alpacas, dogs, cats and chickens... I mean any farm animal you can think of. After which, I mosey on back to my ranch/log cabin (huge mansion) house and cook breakfast. It seems like the farm serves as kind of a animal rescue/alpaca farm, where the service work is done by delinquent children required to do community service. 

I've got to admit that I'm entirely obsessed with frontier movies. You know the type... where the rancher and the daughter of the ranch owner fall in love and journey west to find land of their own. Those kinds of movies, especially if you add a little bit of pioneer, test your faith, Christianity kind of shit. The sappier the better.  

But that recent obsession has kind of hit an all time high because of my dream. I'm not afraid to say  that I'd be totally willing to under go many an early morning to feed tons of animals and partake in delicious breakfast making. I'm not really sure how any of the dreams will come true unless, someone leaves me a ton of land in their will or I win the lottery. But none the less I like the fact that in the dream I'm helping animals and what Tony said as "rescuing humans" (or children in this case). Apparently imaginations run wild with imaginary money?

This is totally on the subject but a little hilarious, I have a ranch foreman or farm manager (something like that) named Juan who lives in a huge house, neighboring me and Tony's with his wife Maria, who subsequently helps me around the house. Apparently I requested them especially from a well to do Mexican ranch. Ugh. I'm so dumb.

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Jennifer said...

I ate pupusas today. Thought of you!

Your dream is good. Sounds like you probably need to start reading Little House on the Prairie books.