Saturday, August 11, 2012


Who is your home? Where do you turn when the pressures of life seem to pile on your chest like a six ton elephant? I've always found (and always in the hardest ways) that we are not indeed alone in the universe. There is always someone to help us when we fall, someone to wipe our tears, and always someone to let us know we're so much incredibly loved.

As a child, I relied so much on my mother to help me through the difficult times and in her absence and even sometimes her presence, there was always Venessa. I've got to admit, I haven't changed THAT much because they always seem to be the first people I confide in, when that six ton elephant just doesn't want to budge.

My home will always lie with them, but as we get older we begin a new chapter building our own lives and intertwining them with others. Today, though I relied on the help of my sister another source of hands helping me to my feet were that of my husband's.

I didn't need to go far, I didn't even need to be strong, all I needed was for him to listen. And, silently he listened, and I cried- A LOT. But the best thing about the whole situation was the response I got at the end of my breakdown- a soft "I'm sorry," and a chest to cry on. And then we sat. Silently.

I realized in that moment, and truly found that I am small, and indeed never alone in the universe. I found a wordless, trust followed by love. Gracias.

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Alfie said...

love you sweet girl - a new chapter in life... I miss my own mom.