Sunday, June 15, 2008

3rd Wheel.

Let me tell you all about two friends of mine. Their names are Walt and Karen. Today I was very pleased to hang out with both of them. Normally, this isn't uncommon because they are boyfriend and girlfriend. We had dinner and went out for a tasty treat at Baskin Robbins after our meal. I think that I enjoy their company so much because I'm equally in love with both of them, for very different reasons. So, thanks Walt and Karen for never making me feel like a third wheel.

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Karen said...

Oh, booga, I love you & Walt loves you & we all love each other. With that much love going around, no one can feel like a third wheel. Plus, you're part of us!

I love knowing that if I can't see you frequently, at least I can read your blog. Which makes me laugh out loud & also tears at my heart. Hopefully I'll see you tonight! & I will see you tomorrow!!

Oh. &. Is that a skirt you're wearing in the pic? It's massively cute if it is. & if it isn't, well, I love the color, we both know how much I love peach!