Wednesday, October 27, 2010

keep that fat, bitch!

If you know me well, you know that I am certainly not one of those women who enjoy losing a rapid amount of weight. I've been now three days to three different stores to purchase some new jeans.  I regretfully have to say that I have not been successful. I have been apprehensive about purchasing yet again, another pair of jeans, only to lose more weight and not be able to fit into them. This is horse shit.  Nothing but a big piece of steaming horse shit! 

Forgive my rant about the fact that to every other female in the world thinks, I'm absolutely bananas. I'm not against women who are morbidly obese to not lose weight but I'm thinking now everyday that if you are satisfied with your look and body image (and health reasons aside) keep that fat girl. I have been trying to eat more and mentally set myself up to have more of an appetite but I'm finding it increasingly more and more annoying the more I lose. 

Aside from my current loss of self.  Everything seems to be going swimmingly. Humor helps in times like these.  If losing weight is my only complaint about my life right now, my life must be pretty good. Oh that and I keep going diarrhea every fucking morning.  That shit is nasty.  Literally. 

"Oh God what perfectly awesome dude wouldn't want to get with this?" I ask myself sometimes... and then I think "no wonder I'm single." 


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Anonymous said...

shut your fucking face! if i was a dude i would scoop you up in a second! you should go see someone if you've got diarrhea that often AND you're losing weight. bc if it's that often, you might start getting super malnourished bc your body isnt absorbing anything. make sure you drink a ton of water too ms. jenny bc that's how people die of dysentary on the oregon trail and third world countries.

if you die, i swear imma cut you.
-a loving enchilosa who wants more face time with you - breakfast and beds were fun but i need more jenny - MORE