Thursday, May 19, 2011

well apparently.

Just a quick rant regarding work and the occupation of being an interpreter. Well apparently, I seem to speak not only English, Spanish and Portuguese, but I also have been given the over night ability to speak Vietnamese and Burmese.

When did it become my job to be the interpreter for the "Interpreter?"  I realized that perhaps because I interpret for the aformentioned languages that it may be easier for me to interpret other languages aside from those, but seriously wtf?

Now, that I'm done with venting. I wanted to write a small entry about thoughts and questions I have often thought, experienced or wondered about.

Have you ever become incredibly irratated and angry at a driver seemingly unaware that they can't fucking drive, and then realize that they are incredibly old? Well apparently, now I feel like an asshole.

I've recently become aware that when you lose a vast amount of weight, suddenly your boobs are smaller. Well apparently, I can go back to wearing training bras. (not so mad about that actually)

Running to a Pandora station exclusively dedicated to M.I.A gives you such an adrenaline rush. Well apparently, I love this woman.

How many of you all lie? I'm a horrible liar, apparently it must have been smacked out of me while attending Catholic school as a child.

Speaking of church, do you think I'll ever like going to it again?

Playing video games is tons of fun. What was the last video game you played?

I wonder if I will be reincarnated when I die? Hopefully, I'll be a kitty. If not I want to be someone just like who I am now.

I can't wait till I get a new camera. I want to take pictures of my grandfather and grandmother.

On a beautiful note, it's beautiful outside it feels like a Texas night. My sister and I used to play outside all day in the hot sun dodging rattle snakes and illegal aliens hiding in the bush. (hahaha. No but seriously...) In the quiet of the evening after being bathed and dressed, we accompanied our grandfather on the porch; he would smoke a cigarette and sip on his tall boy, and talk to us about a woman who lived not too far away who once was a lover of  Pancho Villa.

Gracias a la vida, para los pensamientos aleatorios.


Alfie said...

You are blessed to have such wit!
Maybe you should consider a degree in linguistics?
Which one of the 'sisters' smacked the the 'liar' out of you? I'm still good friends with them ( you know me). It may have been me who smacked you!
I'll soon be one of 'those' drivers (if not already).
And you know, everything your grandfather ever said was the 'truth'- and I got to meet the woman who was Poncho Villa's one time lover. She was way cool...

I love to visualize your memories. I feel like I did something right especially when you write so vividly.
As far as church is concerned... it's what YOU put into it. I think you need to visit Brockton, Mass.

I am very lucky to be your mother.

Jenessa said...

thanks alfie. maybe a visit to Massachusetts is in order.