Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Wedding Ideas.

Ok kids! Let's get down to business. First, I'd like to establish to all who read this blog: This will not just be a wedding blog! But with my recent engagement I've noticed that September (which is the month my fella and I will be saying our vows) is in fact, not that far away. Yes, indeed I am starting to sweat a bit. So, I'm starting to read bridal blogs and slowly make notes and above all else, save money. Thankfully, the fella and I agree on pretty much everything so, planning thus far hasn't been much of a hassle. Here are some pictures of ideas that I thought would be awesome for the wedding. Y'all let me know what y'all think!

(I love the simplicity of this bride's dress.Gorgeous photo out in an open field.)

(Can't stress enough how much I love this dress!)

I was recently given a Polaroid camera isn't this such a great idea......

This is such an awesome idea! Of course my bottles of soda will be of Mexi-Cokes and Sunkists)

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