Thursday, December 22, 2011


It's hard these days to be an individual, especially when it comes to fashion. I try hard to stay up on the latest trends and truly enjoy the beauty of sustainable fabrics. Last night, I found it hard to consider myself a trendsetter. From what I could tell (and everyone else in the room) every woman at Balliceaux looked like they just jumped out of an Urban Outfitters catalog. I love my clothing, and take pride in the in-expensiveness of it all, but if being up on the fashion trends means having to share my individuality, I'd rather take my fashion outwardness to the next level and do things over the top or nothing at all.

These photos are courtesy of a blog called Tales of Endearment. These fashionista sisters are a perfect example of latest and trends that maybe I'm just not brave enough to try. That fur vest, to die for, and beautiful black dress with Mexican accents is reminiscent of cultural trends I've always aspired to take part in. So, here it goes. Off to try things over the top! Gracias a la vida!

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