Wednesday, December 14, 2011 all boils down to this.

At the end of my working day, my boss Rhonda sneakingly crept into the lab to ask me a question. As she occasionally scares me, today she seemed a little out of sorts, perhaps because of the pain medications or lack of sleep she felt in recovering from a broken wrist she received on Saturday. So as not to disturb the many tasks that one has at the end of their day, she quickly got to the point and asked if I would like tomorrow off from work. I thought for a moment, then happily excepted.

Sometimes, it's just the nicest thing in the world when someone asks you to simply, take the day off. After this morning I thought: This couldn't have come on a more deserving day?

Last night, Tony and I finally decided on our venue for our wedding, and yes readers it will be at Ash Lawn Highland home of James Monroe. Though I was initially excited, the stress of paying for such a beautiful venue and stress of burdening my mother started to increasingly affect me from emotional to physical.

Yes... it all boils down to this, when I get stressed, so does my irritable bowel. (I know what you're thinking TOO MUCH INFORMATION?) But seriously, if this wasn't an online diary of sorts, I'd be less apt divulging this much information about myself. 

I woke up several times between the hours of four a.m. and seven a.m., in anticipation of speaking with my mother about our plans. I had set it up with a script in my head, clearly laying out my plan to use my savings to pay for at least half, and promising to make payments monthly on the venue.

Tony tried his utmost to relieve my anxiety (Like the Psychiatrist, that he is?) and it worked... until morning came and it was time to make my call.

Luckily, my mom knows how to calm me down just as well as Tony (perhaps even better) by soothingly telling me that she was more than willing to help pay for the venue.

But since I've been sick all day, wouldn't you agree that a day off from the stresses of daily life and work are much deserved? What was I so worried about? Man... my butt hurts.

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