Tuesday, December 21, 2010

life long search...

Being a girl who was born and raised in south Texas, you come to appreciate the fine art of Mexican cuisine or one might even say Tex-Mex food. Unfortunately, since my mother Alfie, moved us here to Virginia, we just haven't quite found that great Mexican restaurant yet. I know, still? Though we've resided here for almost half my life, you would think there would have been some cuisine in the area, with some sort of likeness to the Mexican food that I had growing up... but no.

Anyone who either resided in Texas for a while as an adult or lived there at some point throughout their childhood would have to agree with me when I say that, the food is phenomenal. So here I am, 27 and still in search for a great Mexican restaurant, with the all the authenticity of my grandmother hands and reasonable price to follow.

Sunday was no exception, Venessa and I went to eat at a Mexican restaurant named Plaza Azteca, and though the food was beautifully served and the ambiance was terrific, the fajitas we ate were sub-par. Nevertheless, we consumed our food gladly and quietly complained that there would never be a restaurant quite like the ones we were used to in Texas.

Perhaps, it will be my lifelong search, to roam the lonely streets of Richmond, never to find a happy ending of homemade flour torillas, just mere mediocre food replicas of my childhood memories.

(Off-subject maybe...?
Don't you just love World Market? I posted some pictures of the store, I love it there. I'm just about done buying every body's holiday present. I spent all day at World Market .)

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