Tuesday, December 14, 2010


Readers, if you know me well or even at all, I'm sure you can tell based on my profile pictures or photo postings that my race can be somewhat ambiguous to guess. It is a common known fact that I am indeed of Hispanic origin. But most of the time I'm commonly mistaken for someone of Asian origin.

Most say that I appear to be half Caucasian and Asian. (mainly, Korean or Japanese, sometimes Inuit?) No matter really, I've come to the conclusion that I should just be called a Mexichin. As I write, I can't help but laugh.

Today, I was reading and looking at all the beautiful photos on Jeana Sohn's blog and could not take my eyes off her new "closet visit" post to her friend Momo Suzuki- a Japanese born clothing designer. I was simply in a state of shock and envy. She was absolutely breath taking. All of a sudden it made me happy to be mistaken with such a beautiful people. (although I would hardly say that I look just as beautiful in comparison.)

Enjoy the pictures courtesy of Jeana Sohn's blog.

生命〔生活〕にあなたに感謝してください。 - Gracias a la Vida.

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