Sunday, May 9, 2010

Mother's Day.

Upon trying to remember a good story that I should write about today, I was reminded by my mother that mass started today at eleven o'clock.  It was probably an inappropriate time to tell me this because it was right at the exact moment that I needed to use the facilities.  She didn't care.  As with all mother's and daughters (or most of them) privacy is completely non-existent.  I don't mind.  On the contrary, I believe that when you are truly comfortable with someone there is no such thing as keeping secrets or being private (even when using the restroom)

There is a opinion, that should be shared when one is dressing themselves for Sunday morning mass, and my mother needed my opinion today on what bolero she should wear.  So, you see its the best and absolutely only time that a decision should be made on attire.  She had my attention completely because I was sitting on the toilet.  But all stories of this morning aside, I decided to write a story that completely describes my mother as a mother or maybe even perhaps as a human being.

I'm sure you all know that there are many stories to write about but this was the first that came to mind.  Yesterday my brother Roman and I went to pick up our older sister Venessa from school (she's a teacher).  And as we were speaking to the other employees of the school, a story was brought up about how my brother and I were educated in Montessori School.  Apparently there is a student at my sister's school who reminds her a lot of me.  (maybe because she never wears real clothes only costumes)  My sister proceeded to tell everyone that I never wore real clothes only dress up clothes.  My mother allowed this.  Which for me gives me some insight into how she respected me as a child and as a human being.  This is a very special allowance for kids, because if your parents allow you to dress yourself, you're given the permission to express, at a young age, who you are, how you identify yourself and what you will become.  I honestly believe that.  

So, needless to say that was a very short, and to some, a very useless story, but to me, I love that I know who I am and what I like.  My self-esteem is fantastic, and I'm not saying that, because I got to dress myself, but merely because my mother loved me so much that, that love, emanated to me and through me making me who I am.   It is a rarity in mothers and in human beings that they should love you so much above themselves that they allow you to live the life you've chosen.  Love you mom. 


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