Tuesday, May 4, 2010

what white people like

yes, so my computer isn't currently working and well, i feel a little disconnected to outside world.  i've realized a couple of things this weekend. 
#1. anybody with a gold's gym sticker on their car might possibly be a douche-bag. 
#2.  white people LOVE running races, or biking for disease/cancer cures.  (which let's face it.... never get cured)
#3. Vet bills suck, and maybe i should be able to claim my cat as a dependent on my awesome insurance.  #4. i think that having cable makes you kinda dumb but its so worth the hook up. (sucks i still don't have it)  

Mimosa is sick like for real.  and my vet bill wasn't as bad as thought it was going to be, but still... I have to give her special food, give her syringes filled of pain meds and buy her a new liter box.  This girl is costing a lot but she's worth it.  She's been so lethargic.  poor kiddo. 

This picture is fucking amazing.  i'm making one for Mimosa asap. 

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