Sunday, January 16, 2011

Alfie's advice.

Your name, or rather, nick name has a story line...
When my brothers and I were little children and we would get scared at night time (bad storms, thunder, lightening or other storms such as arguments that would become volatile) we would hide under our blankets and play games.
One such game was 'Nancy and Betty'...our fingers would become imaginary people and they would go on many adventures. Nancy and Betty would have parties and only very special friends would be invited. The elite of elite friends was Jenny. Jenny came from a long line of very fine wealthy family. She had befriend Nancy and Betty at her own home with charity church functions where the girl's mom had to serve and clean Jenny's home). Nancy and Betty were the best of friends and most of all sisters. Jenny's mother and the girls mother were different but good friends of different backgrounds (such as: Jenny's mom employed the sister's mother as a house keeper).
Sometimes, when i was too sleepy, the boys and eventually Abby and Angie. would get scared they would want to play Nancy and Betty. I would tell them to 'turn the TV on in your head' and I would tell them stories - we would go on adventure upon adventure. Nancy and Betty went on to become detectives and Jenny was an archeologists and together they went on so many adventures....( I had to become very creative as the years went a long and the boys became older). Other elite friends that came to parties and had adventures were: Brooke and Tara.

So Jenny your name has a background.

Venessa's name was a reminiscence of my Grandmother Brigida's likes - she would never miss a 'novela' named Venessa (and that was the true spelling) and one of the elite names of my imaginary friends became her middle name: Brooke.

So, even at times as a little girl, I would talk to my imaginary friends (Nancy, Betty, Jenny, Brooke, & Tara) and then came my young siblings - we had many adventures.-By Adelfa (Alfie Lopez) 

My mother gave me an explanation about the background of my name through an e-mail. It's funny because after reading I began thinking that my mom somehow knew who I was before she even knew I would exist? I wonder if I already know who my future children will be? 

Anyway I decided to post some of the e-mail because I thought that it might provide some sort of insight as to "who I am."  I'm certainly far from the imaginary character "Jenny" that my mom made up but just the same, I try to turn on the TV in my head and imagine that I'm a wealthy detective/archeologist in search for the right history and story. -Gracias Jenny. 

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