Thursday, January 13, 2011


Catherine Chapter 2?

"She hadn't been aware of how long she had been starring out the window, only that at once she realized that the ground, that was once full of white glittering blankets, was now surrounded with crowds of men and women seemingly forgetting half of their wardrobe. Clearly, it was the end of summer and she hadn't experienced any feeling of the sun's heat on her unusually pale face. Catherine wasn't a unattractive girl. Her features were dark and petite, long brown hair and a height that barely stood at five-foot one. The one feature that she did pride herself on, were her hands, which she had been told once revealed the true age of her very old soul. Tears softly rolled down her cheeks which by all accounts was her least favorite feature, but her most complemented.

Today it pained her to think of fall. She quickly brushed her tears away and angrily scoffed at being such a ridiculous young woman. Catherine hadn't known for a very long time why she cried. All she knew was that it happened, like breathing, something every healthy human does, without clearly knowing how or why. She made her way back to the open window quickly closing it, shivering from the cold air gusting in, as the window shut. Summer days were pleasant enough in early September but fall nights were slowly creeping in. Tomorrow was her early day at work. She liked those days the most, merely because of the reward of returning home while the sun was still out.

Every night, Catherine routinely washed her face and brushed her teeth, crept into her bedroom stumbling through the dark so as not disturb the dear kitten sleeping at the foot of her bed. As she lay face up in bed she wished for a beautiful dream. A dream that subconsciously, she had always wanted, a handsome man to call her wife and two chubby cheeked children swarming at her feet, whispering sweet nothings into her ears. She had, had this dream before but she could never recall seeing their faces. Once in the midst of an embrace with one of her dream children, she swore smelling the hair of the child, only to wake up finding her arms empty and her face wet with tears, crying out to the child to come back. She had never wanted to be a mother and pitied those whom she deemed wasted their lives on becoming one. Tonight, she hadn't the luxury of analyzing her dreams. Softly she closed her eyes, and fell asleep to the sound of the sirens passing by."
I'm currently having writer's block. I previously posted one of my very first paragraphs from my book on this blog, just to have some sort of feedback, and luckily all comments were positive... but now I'm having a hard time continuing.
Catherine, is of course my leading lady with out really being the main character in the story. Felix is the hero/villain of this book and I'm having a difficult time tying Catherine and Felix together. (Though I believe them to be one in the same? For example: Catherine and Felix couldn't exist separately. Catherine must only exist if Felix exists. As if to say they shared the same heart? or Brain? Something that one has that the other doesn't? but share?)
I'm trying not to get frustrated but finding it very difficult. Any feedback would help either comment or verbally tell me. Most readers of this blog tell me personally what they think instead of comment. (which is STILL feedback just the same) so, help.

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