Sunday, February 20, 2011

Weekend Wriggles.

(we ran into Roman and Caitlin while in Carytown) 

Aren't they such a handsome couple? Love them. 

Today, started out unlike any Sunday morning that I've ever had. It was, in one word to describe: stressful. So, naturally I made it a goal to avoid the human race altogether with the exception of "the fella," and any wait or bartender staff we encountered at our brunch excursion.

We started out at Cafe Rustica followed by a long walk in Carytown. I enjoyed his company, and the lazy freedom, that a day without an agenda made. My human race avoidance will not last forever! Tomorrow it's back to work and the mundane busy nothings that I have come, to not look forward to. I did enjoy looking at the various vintage shops and beautiful store front windows that Carytown is so famous for.

"The fella," had his camera out and took pictures of me (none of them at all serious, I'm basically making goofy faces in all of them) in various spots. It was like an Annabel moment. I've posted some of them or at least some of the more decent ones. Hope your weekend was great! Gracias! 


Lia said...

jenny! this post is so cute and bloggy! love it!!

ps. i really like the blushing ambition blog too!

Jenessa said...

thanks lia bia! and i thought you'd love the blushing ambition blog it's so you.