Sunday, February 27, 2011

hopped up on meth.

Just took some drugs, ugh that is LEGAL drugs, and now I'm jittery in Globehopper trying not to drop my green tea on my laptop. Seriously my hands are shaking like a crack head.

Anyways besides my current state of meth exposure, I'm enjoying the lovely morning, blogging and Facebook stalking. Isn't Facebook the most addicting form of social networking? Sometimes, I anger myself for not having much self control when it comes to the internet.

I'm trying to be creative and write some song lyrics in between the REAL work that I have to do. Medical translating is such a pain in the ass. (that should be one of the song lyrics?) Not only do I have to stop my internet distractions, I actually have to stop posting pictures of myself on the blog. (but hell sometimes I think... this is my fucking blog, I can put as many pictures of myself as possible? right?)

Today is turning out to be a lovely day, well thus far? Love you guys, have a lovely Sunday! Gracias.

(oh btw, Oscar party at Venessa and Trey's house tonight! I'm excited, but really I'm more excited about the beautiful outfits all of the celebrities will be wearing, can't wait to watch!)

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