Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Tunes with Space Bomb?

(photos courtesy of Tony Forgey; Trey Pollard & Matt White)

(photos courtesy of Tony Forgey; featuring Trey Pollard)

(photos courtesy of Tony Forgey; featuring Trey Pollard conducting)

Saw this really awesome article today written by Matt White in RVA News about Space Bomb records. Now, normally this would have peaked my interest very little but this article heightened my senses much more because the photos and article featured one of my most favorite people in the world! Trey Pollard.

As many of you know Trey Pollard (brother-in-law to yours truly) is a RVA musician, composer, teacher and co-local business owner of Songwire Studios. He arranged the string compositions for the Space Bomb record. I was lucky enough to have listened to some of the arrangements, and I've gotta say they are (though I'm not surprised) quite impressive. All in all sounded like it was quite a circus (but in a good way) featuring most of RVA's most talented and creative musicians.

Check out the Space Bomb website it's awesome! spacebombrecords.com 


Trey said...

thanks jen. you're one of my favorite people too.

Jenessa said...

thanks hermano!