Friday, March 18, 2011

Remember when you weighed more and your life was, well... fabulous? Yes, indeed I found myself thinking that as roamed the isles of Target in search for the perfect outfit. Normally, Target wouldn't be my first choices for blushing ensembles but recently, I've been more apt to spend my money reasonably.

Right now, Target is featuring their best pieces by the guest designers they've had throughout the recent years. Some of the dresses displayed and on sale, I purchased years ago. I haven't had the heart to sell the pieces or dresses, and I'm so glad that I haven't, just for the simple fact that they've made a fashionable come back.

As I mentioned earlier I've found myself saying that when I weighed more my life was well... fabulous. Too true, I'll confess. I've been having difficulty finding a new flattering wardrobe. I think it's because I still have a skewed vision of my body type? I'm finding it increasingly annoying that most of the pieces that I like are indeed, meant for women of a taller and larger stature.

Oh well?

I've had my eye on this Rodarte piece for quite sometime. Gorgeous. 

Check out this Rabbit Hearted Girl wearing this beautiful Target dress. 

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