Thursday, March 24, 2011

French Films.

(Have you been to Mongrel in Carytown RVA? Absolutely adorable) 
(I like how I refer to a late night stroll as eight p.m. on a Thursday night.) Oh when did I get so old? I've started eating everything in sight as of late, which is good, since some have referred to me as anorexic. I blame hormones really. But in all seriousness... isn't it great, after gorging on Mexican food going out for a "late night" stroll.

I passed The Byrd tonight and noticed a line of people seemingly waiting for what appeared to be a $1.99 movie admittance, much to my surprise (though I had anticipated the month of March to accommodate) The French Film Festival was going underway.

After passing the various guests in line, I suddenly had the urge to speak French. I started with the oui oui's and the hou là làs, then it turned into me noticing the many French influences in Carytown such as Jean Jacques Bakery or Can Can Brasserie. (if they are even French at all?)

Grâce à la vie ! 

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