Saturday, April 16, 2011

Coupon clipping.

When I had heard about TLC's new recent crazed show Extreme Couponing, I thought: well that's stupid! But when I noticed the amount of money these gals were saving at the end of their purchases I became intrigued. What was this magical world called couponing? Well it was about time that I just shut up and found out!

It isn't a great secret that I have food allergies. In fact, I have two very large but easily manageable food allergies known to the human race: a lactose intolerance and a gluten allergy. It is also a well known fact gluten-free products aren't cheap. That is why I've decided to embark on this newly found coupon planet and take a closer look at the natives.

Most of the websites, blogs or television shows I've recently seen, read or heard about (pertaining to couponing) have all said that step one is to: start out slow. Taking that advice slowly throughout the week, I gathered various coupons online from Whole Foods and Trader Joes. (I chose these groceries stores because of their vast amount of gluten-free products and because they are within a close proximity of each other.)

In total, I collected seven coupons. (Really in comparison to the extreme couponers that's nothing but remember we're starting out slow over here.) I saved a total of $10 with my overall purchases just at Whole Foods alone, which by all accounts is an accomplishment. Unfortunately, Trader Joes hadn't any coupons to offer based off of their website.

So all in all though, I felt like a Glen Allen, West End, soccer mom, I'm glad that I spent the morning (dragging the fella along with me) exploring the beautiful world of couponing, saving and purchasing food that make me feel great! Gracias!

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Alfie said...

Try and and always remember to sign up for 'rewards', 'perks' and grocery discount cards (none of these should cost you any money to sign up - if they ask for a fee don't sign up). te amo mucho - doy gracias a Dios que eres mi hija. :)