Saturday, April 30, 2011

La Poderosa.

Along the scenic route from Richmond to Virginia Beach I had the pleasure of enjoying the beautiful array of wildflowers, interesting smells and spending time with a person that I have grown very fond of, to say the least.

The Fella and I are basking in the glorious sun by the pool of our childhood city and what a welcoming gift Virginia Beach gave us upon our arrival, the sweet smell of honeysuckles and salt water. It was all so very picturesque.

Riding on the motorcycle which I've now decided I shall call "La Poderosa," is so invigorating. Anyone who travels locally, nationally or internationally should attempt to travel driving or riding their Poderosa. The experience will leave you, speechless.

(I'll post more soon about the vacation but for now... Gracias a la Poderosa!)

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