Tuesday, April 5, 2011


After a morning full of exercise, I found myself craving a really incredible breakfast sandwich. This is when I usually forget that Lamplighter exists and make my way to my usual stops (such as Ellwood's). It won't be a mistake again, though I am an avid customer of Ellwood Thompson's, Lamplighter to me is much more appetizing as far as food,coffee and establishments are concerned. Lamplighter is what I believe to be, one of RVA's most delicious and beautiful hidden gems.

The ambiance was truly magnificent whether it be because of the beauty of the restaurant or the 86 degree weather. I think it was both really? One complimented the other.

There are rarely any restaurants or caf├ęs that offer gluten-free products (or at least gluten-free bread) but Lamplighter happens to be one of them. And thank goodness for that. I have never eaten anything there that I didn't enjoy or drank coffee that wasn't mouthwatering. Not to mention they sell Mexi-Cokes there as well. (I mean really? Mexi-Cokes, I dream about their tastiness on a weekly basis)

Ahh it was heaven itself! I love the charming Lamplighter gem, and everyone I know who has been there love it too. Gracias.

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