Sunday, April 18, 2010

i know that's right.

what am i doing up right now? ahhh! i'm so exhausted, babysitting for a nine year old, seven year old and 19 month old is way too much. but they were so cute!

so what am i doing you ask? i'm currently researching information for my SEX ED talk tomorrow at a Unitarian church. eighth and ninth graders! come on. i thought babysitting was over.

Karen, Walt and Everett were fabulous today as usual. And hanging out with Jen is just as wonderful as the first day i started hanging out with her. Sci is totally siked about her wonderful new friend and decided to freshen up at my apartment before she met him. so good luck to her.

oh and i think i'm either having a serious allergy attack or i'm totally coming down with a major illness. sucks, right?

Ps. Well, someone keeps pissing in my lofts elevator and someone totally left this "person" a note in elevator and i quote "i'm sure i speak for the vast majority of the building when i say that you need to clean this shit up. Nasty ass." mmhm I KNOW THAT'S RIGHT. BOOYA.

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