Wednesday, April 14, 2010

richie tenebaum


ok, quick rant about running, jews, and fraking bumper stickers and everything happens for a reasoners.

1.) running in church HILL sucks. I mean that in a, i'm totally working out my legs b/c well, they call it church hill for a reason. (running makes me cry too.) damn working out!

2.)Anne frank on masterpiece theater...(hence jews) totally great movie! but totally depressing, kinda wanting to slit my throat right about now but, also am really glad that i don't live in an annex and glad that (cross my fingers) i am not on my way to a concentration camp right about now.

3.)On my run today i thought i totally saw a bumper sticker that said "how about a FRAK break." i think i was running too fast? anyway went back to check out the bumper sticker and was very disappointed to find out that it said "how about a TAX break." but frak break is sooo much cooler than tax break. i mean, am i right? or am i right?

4.) "It may not seem like it now Jenny, but everything happens for a reason...." ugh! i love that people care about me enough to tell me these things but really can't understand what the fuck they're saying... ooh maybe that's for a reason...?

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